Status Update


our projects (Ymir Shaders and Anglang) have been dormant for quite a while, as some of you may have noticed. I’d quickly like to adress the reasons for that, as only our discord members really know them so far.

Basically we’ve all been quite occupied with our own projects and private lives which, in addition to the rather poor state of the codebase of Ymir Shaders (well, subjectively bad because we know that we could do a lot better given the time), caused us to not really have much time to spare for our Ymir Projects. Ontop of that we’ve been running into OptiFine limitations, which have been widened with some of the more recent OptiFine updates (thankfully), yet they are still heavily restricting us which is why we have decided to postpone Anglang as a whole. Anglang will most likely be using Focal Engine instead of OptiFine, as we would be too restricted in our ideas and concepts otherwise whereas Ymir Shaders is slowly being rebuilt from scratch to achieve a more cohesive codebase that is less of a pain to work with. As of now there is no ETA on either of our projects for obvious reasons, but they are definitely alive and still in the pipeline, we just want to do things properly even if that means waiting for external factors (eg. Focal Engine, Iris and more OptiFine updates).

Thats pretty much all I wanted to let you folks now for now.


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