Development Blog #2

Two weeks after our first development blog entry, here comes the second one. Currently it seems like a two-week rythm is appropriate since every entry includes a decent amount of new stuff this way.

As some of you might have already noticed we also decided to create our own discord server for our projects to provide support and to keep you folks up do date outside of this blog. The invite-link can be found in the main menu of this website.

Ymir Shaders

Ymir has recieved a small variety of updates during the last two tweeks, including improved Depth of Field that has much better handling of object edges. Additionally lots of settings related to blocklight-colors and -intensity have been added as well as various small fixes for the labPBR support. Settings profiles have also finally been added along with decoupling the lighting color for the clouds from the altitude the player is currently at. We are currently putting a lot of effort into reaching our “feature-complete” milestone, meaning that the next Beta-version will likely contain most, if not all, of the features that we intend to include until the release of version 1.0. However when that Beta will be released is not set since there is still a lot of work to be done.


This one has been recieving some more essential updates that allows transparencies to finally be lit somewhat properly as well as working support for colored shadows. Another new addition is basic support for normalmaps which, while unfinished, allows for some even better visuals and also represents the first step towards adding support for labPBR, although reflections are currently not our priority. Last but not least a sometimes subtile but also sometimes very noticable bug with the bounced light has been fixed, which was causing some inaccurate lighting in various scenes and even inverted the color of colored shadows in some cases.

Since the amount of people asking for a preview version of Anglang seems to increase steadily, you should know that this pack is still very early in development (in fact, the current version is still a prototype and has to go through various changes, optimizations and bugfixes before we will release an alpha version) so in it’s current state we don’t feel like releasing a public version.

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