Development Blog #3

As you might have noticed it’s been a while since the last development blog now. This was mainly due to all of us being more or less busy with all sorts of stuff which had a negative impact on the development progress. Anyways now we’re slowly getting back on track with some organizational changes (see the announcements on the Discord Server for more information).

Ymir Shaders

Ymir is slowly making more progress again, although it has of course been affected by that mild break that happened. It has finally recieved nether and end support, although there are still some features missing on that which is why we won’t show an image of that here yet. Additionally we have made some tests with switching the internal colorspace when rendering effects to ACEScg, which turned out to provide vastly superior results, especially in outdoor scenes.


The necessary rewrite of Anglang is finally in the making. This finally allowed us to not only update the voxel storage structure but also to completely revamp the accumulation and filtering which should result in drastically improved visuals. However this is still in an early state so it’ll need some time until everything works as intended so we can finally move onto adding non-lighting related features like fog, clouds and water effects.

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