Ymir Shaders Beta 3

After a long period of waiting here it finally is, the third public beta of Ymir. As some people may have noticed all of us had a lot going on lately (some of it also related to that big thing that has affected the world this year) so the development has pretty much ceased in the past few months as we were all busy with out own projects, work and such. However what also drove us away was the fact that the codebase got a bit messy and aggravating to work with over time, which lead us to deciding in favor of a proper full rewrite which will also include some minor stylistic changes as well as leading us to a (hopefully) much more polished and performant end result.


  • revamped cloud layers
    • better shapes
    • added more cloud type variation
    • added additional cirrus layer
  • fixed disabling fog causing translucents to be invisible
  • fixed artifacts when using the vibrance slider
  • updated to labPBR 1.3 support
  • improved normals precision
  • added gerstener-waves on water
  • exposed various new settings
  • matched internal lighting units
  • improved depth of field
  • improved fog upscaling
  • resourcepack normals and labPBR support on translucents
  • added support for legacy labPBR versions
  • added full support for generic labPBR metals
  • added settings profiles
  • internal code reorganization
  • basic nether and end support
  • switched internal rendering colorspace to ACEScg (AP1)
  • added option to exclude hand from depth of field

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Download: Ymir Public Beta 3

For more detailed information about the update progress check our discord servers or the shaderlabs server.
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