Development Blog #1 – We got a website

If you can read this you have reached our new Website. Since our projects are more and more taking shape and our decision to do some kind of development blog to keep you folks up to date we decided to pick up a webhosting package and a domain to finally move away from the limitations of a page (which are nonetheless good for smaller scale projects). This also allows us to organize updates to our projects much easier for you guys since otherwise the updates for our two projects would appear mixed up in a single homepage without proper ways to only show updates for one of them.

Since this is also the first one of our new development blogs, here’s a little update on what has been going on behind the scenes:

Ymir Shaders

Ymir has recieved a big rework on it’s sky system so that we can achieve much better clouds while not affecting performance as much as before. Some of you may have already seen the screenshots of that over on Discord. It is still surprising even to ourselves that we still find ways to improve the visuals Ymir’s undoubtedly unique sky. Aside from that some small improvements and updates have been made to the color grading and tonemapping section of the pack. Additionally vastly improved custom water is currently in the making, thus removing one of the few remains of our placeholder implementations for various effects. Below is a little showcase of our new system for the clouds.


Anglang has been going a bit slow lately since we shifted our resources towards finishing up the latest Ymir Beta Release, however this doesn’t mean it has been halted completely. There have been various improvements to the filtering and the rasterized shadows we are using in our hybrid approach. Our main goal at this moment is to further improve the temporal consistency of the filter and also the overall performance of the entire pack. We’re already at a comfortably good state with the filter but there are still various improvements to be done to make it even better.

As you can see stuff is still going foward so stay tuned for future updates here on our new website.

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