Ymir Shaders Beta 2


  • exposed lots of new settings
  • added user-friendly labels for various settings
  • improved and optimized volumetric clouds
    • cirrus clouds are now semi-planar by default
  • fixed potentially missing cloud reflections
  • adjustments to ambient occlusion
  • improved global illumination
    • improved filtering and accumulation
    • reworked light falloff
    • various optimizations
  • improved image based lighting
  • added lava fogging
  • added cloud shadows
  • fixed labPBR ambient occlusion
  • added various new block mappings
    • includes many new foliage blocks
  • fixed handheld translucents
  • adjustments to tonemap and exposure
  • added customizable foliage wind effects
  • lots of internal optimization and code refactoring
  • fixed broken roughness decoding when using labPBR
  • adjusted atmosphere
  • adjusted indirect lighting
  • adjusted hardcoded materials
  • adjusted bloom intensity
  • improved volumetric fog
  • added weather support
  • adjusted atmosphere related dynamics
  • improved color grading behavior
  • added optional vignette
  • fixed various rendering issues when using labPBR

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Download: Ymir Public Beta 2

For more detailed information about the update progress check our discord servers or the shaderlabs server.
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