Ymir Shaders Alpha 2

Changes since the last public alpha:

  • tinted purkinje effect
  • fixed whide edges caused by bloom
  • improved diffuse shading
    • now using full oren-nayar
  • overhauled clouds
    • lighting has been redone from scratch
    • vastly improved cloud shapes
    • optimized overall cloud performance
  • improved temporal anti aliasing
  • added cloud shadows
  • improved reflections
    • added cloud reflections
  • added temporary ambient occlusion solution
  • added cloud shadows (disabled by default)
    • including cloud layer shadow interactions
  • added user-friendly setting names
  • optimized water volume
  • general optimization and cleanup

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Download: Ymir Public Alpha 2

For more detailed information about the update progress check our discord servers or the shaderlabs server.
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