Ymir Shaders Beta 1


  • added setting to hide terrain
  • improved skybox lookup to hide pixelization that was visible in certain scenes
  • revamped volumetric clouds
    • added new dynamic cloud system
    • covers a total of six different cloud types
    • clouds are now rendered in half resolution
  • added Academy Color Encoding System support including the Reference-Rendering-Tranform (RRT)
  • improved volumetric fog
    • bilateral filtering on fog to hide noise
    • fixed bugs related to the player being above the fog volume
  • added skybox based image based lighting
  • internal code updates and structural optimization
  • added rough reflections
  • added BRDF
  • added normalmap support
  • added night vision support
  • fixed DOF on hand
  • removed beaconbeam shadows
  • fixed overlays like spidereyes and enchantment glint
  • improved block mapping
    • added underwater vegetation detection
    • added support for additional foliage blocks
  • fixed missing entity coloring
  • adjusted exposure
  • added film grain
  • added RSM global illumination (disabled by default)
  • various small optimizations
  • addded blindness effect support
  • fixed bright screen edges when using motionblur
  • added daytime dynamics to the atmosphere simulation
  • fixed resourcepack specular with disabled normalmap support
  • fixed rain particles
  • added setting for hardcoded metal specular
  • added settings for sun and moon illumination

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Download: Ymir Public Beta 1

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